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The Correlation Between Emotions and Character Mechanics

It’s not uncommon to have a preference towards some characters in a TV show, movie, or any sort of media really. In video games, specifically class-based hero shooters and fighting games, can take that to an extreme. In these types of games, people typically stick to a certain character that fit their playstyle, usually referred to as a main. While playstyle is an important dynamic in these games, it’s hard not to feel as if you forge a connection with the character you play most often. While the notion seems ridiculous to many unfamiliar without experience in the realm of gaming, it’s commonplace within communities to really relate to a character in a technical as well as emotional way.

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Why Infinite Warfare zombies fails to capture the essence of Treyarch zombies

Have you ever tried any food and immediately thought that it was lacking in comparison to a meal cooked by your parental figure?

Unless your mother was really awful at cooking, you’ve more than likely experienced the frustration. Something at the core just doesn’t quite¬†feel¬†right. You’ve been hyped to try this great meal, and it’s by no means bad. It just doesn’t feel the same as the meal prepared for you back then in the comfort of your kitchen.

Such is the dilemma with Infinite Warfare zombies.

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